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Training Day 2

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On the Sunday 27th of October, the Glendal kids and I were working on the competition robots and the programs as the competition was nearing.

We split up into groups to start programming the robots to complete some missions.

Thomas and Sean were in charge of Mission 1 : retrieving the pets and knocking a tree branch off the tree.

David had the reponsibility of Mission 2 : releasing the plane and tsunami

Zoe and David were in charge of Mission 3 : moving the supply truck and the ambulance to the evacuation point, and knocking one of the isolation bases and the moving the code construction to a different spot.

David was in charge of Mission 4 : moving the house upwards and retrieving Jeffery and heading back to base.

Niv was doing Mission 5, the last and final mission : going over 4 ridges. (Believe this is definitely easier said than done!)

We have accomplished all the missions, but now we have to work on the reasearch side of things (here we go again, the boring part for some children).

The competition is on the 10th of November and is coming up. Everyone in our team is anxious for the competition is extremely close!


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  1. I wish you luck on the day of the competition.

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