Our Collaborative Blog for the First Lego League

April 6, 2014
by MIss Rap

Robotics Presentation at Glendal P.S.

On Thursday 3rd April the Robotics Team (Ctrl+Alt+Del) presented their FIRST Lego League Project to some special guests from the CFA who have been assisting us with our research and members of the Glendal P.S Community.

The Glendal students have made some small changes to improve the design and effectiveness of the robot.  The members from the CFA saw the robot in operation and provided some excellent feedback and suggestions as to ways we could improve our design.
The countdown is on and there is less than 7 weeks before the children travel to Pamplona, Spain to compete at the International Games. The children plan on getting together over the holidays to watch the Lego movie and work on their presentation and competition robot.

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