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May 30, 2014
by MIss Rap
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Day 2

Wow, what a day we had today, full of excitement and fun. We had our robot practice run and rehearsed our project presentation and core values tasks. After lunch the children assembled behind the flags that represent our countries and mixed with the other competitors. Then they assembled in the conference centre plaza for our official opening ceremony, and walked into the main auditorium and across the stage in front of all the other countries, families and friends.

There were some amazing acts including the neon, glow light robots and a visit from the mayor of Pamplona. The children were invited to join the host dancing to Gangnam style and Eric was front and centre on stage. Great dancing Eric!

After this the children had dinner and made their way down to the party zone where they danced with the children from other teams. Tomorrow is our big day of presenting and robot missions. We will keep you updated with our results throughout the day.

Thank you for all your messages of support, it has lifted the team and we feel that all three schools are behind us as we compete throughout the day.

May 29, 2014
by MIss Rap

Day 1

Today the team had a great run through of their presentation in the morning and the. made their way to the centre to meet the other children. There were representatives from countries all over the world including Turkey, Greece, UK, China, Brazil and Taiwan. We got our special ID passes and the children worked in the pit area to put up our display and went around and introduced themselves and swapped pins and badges.
We are in a great area surrounded by some very vocal teams from Lebanon and Italy. They joined us in singing Waltzing Matilda lead by Mr Grossek.

Tomorrow the fun and competition continues (robot performance – Go Jeffrey!) and we have the official opening ceremony, dinner and welcome party at night.


May 27, 2014
by MIss Rap

2014 OEC Championship!

Well the countdown is on and we are only 24 hours away from registering the team to compete in the OEC Championship. The competition is being held at the Baluarte Centre in Pamplona.


Teams have been arriving and proudly wearing their country colours. Tomorrow this square will be a sea of colour with children representing countries from all over the world.

The team will have a training session in the morning, then register at the centre and set up their pit. After that they will have the chance to meet other teams before preparing for the beginning of the competition on Thursday.

Keep updated with the main events and our schedule below.

Team training session at Hotel Tres Reyes (meet in the foyer of the hotel)
10:00 to 11:00 – Technical (Glendal students only)
11:00 to 12:00 – Project and Core Values (Whole team)

3:00 – team registration at the Baluarte centre.
Team setup at the centre, to decorate our stand and setup up our table with Australian stickers etc

Practice round (table 5, Main Auditorium, Ground Floor) 10:50 to 11:00
Extra Robot Performance Training

Chris and Traceye to attend a coaching meeting at 2:00 to 3:00

3:15 Technical Practice (Glendal students only) at Hotel Tres Reyes
4:00 to 5:30 Opening Ceremony at the Balurate centre
6:00 Welcome Party in the ground exhibition hall

Robot Performance No. 1 (table 6) 10:00
Robot Design (room 5) 10:50 to 11:15
Project and Core values (room 7) 4:10 to 4:50
Robot Performance No. 2 (table 7) 5:25
6:00 Friendship Party

Robot Performance No.3 (table 8) 10:10
Elimination tournaments for the top 8 teams
Pack up pits at 1:00
3:00 to 5:00 awards and closing ceremony
5:00 to 7:00 farewell party in the Balurate Plaza

May 19, 2014
by MIss Rap

News featured on the CFA Website

Today the team received a special message from our friends at the CFA wishing the team good luck at the OEC Championships in Pamplona, Spain. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the CFA for all there expert advice, suggestions and support throughout this competition.

The incredible effort, research and time spent on your Australian National winning entry now enters the world stage. CFA, Evan and myself wish you all good Luck in Spain, we are thinking of you all and look forward to hearing how you enjoyed your experience.CFA

 All the very best to you all.

Very kind regards,

Emma Pears
Education Service Delivery

You can read this article featured on the CFA website by clinking on the link below.


May 12, 2014
by MIss Rap

The Propeller Project.

On Monday night the Lego Robotics team Ctrl+Alt+Del received some very exciting news.logo-propeller

Two months ago we submitted an application to the FYA Propeller Project.  Propeller celebrates the social change projects of everyday young people in communities across Australia. The Propeller Project recognises the ideas an innovations of young Australians and allocates grant money for children to develop their ideas, concepts and help make them a reality.  Some of the projects they have supported are:

  • Breaking down the door
  • R U OK? Community Conversations and
  • Swish Start

Propeller fund projects need to be youth-led, have a social or environmental focus, demonstrate local impact and have community networks and support. Young people aged 12 – 25 can apply for these grants.

The children in the team received a $500.00 grant from Samsung (Propeller sponsorship partner) to use towards developing the Hot Spot Spotter and drone.  You can take a closer look at the other projects Propeller have supported by visiting the following link.


Keep posted on this site to see how the children use the grant to develop their concept and assist the fire recovery process in our community.

May 3, 2014
by MIss Rap

FLL Global Innovations Award

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) Global Innovation Award is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems. Last week the FLL announced the Global Innovation Award Finalists.

Unfortunately, Ctrl+Alt+Del didn’t make it into the top ten but we would like to acknowledge the teams that did and if you visit the link below you will get to look at their Amazing Innovations.

Congratulations to the NATURE’S FURYSM FLL Global Innovation Award Finalists
Robotic Raiders, Williamsburg, Iowa, USA Invention: Cyclone Survivor Board Game
The Brain Busters, Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA Invention: Balloon-Based Notification Sign
RobotTec, Santiago, CHILE Invention: Tsunami Evacuation System
The winning team will be announced at the FLL Global Innovation Award ceremony on June 3rd at the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  

The ten (10) submissions below were chosen by a panel of experts to receive free submission into Edison Nation’s online platform, where they will undergo Edison Nation’s submission review process. This includes competitive landscape, initial IP review as well as considerations to development, materials, and analysis of cost/value relationship. Additionally, these ten (10) teams will participate in a Q&A session with Edison Nation via email/questionnaire, with the Q&A results published in Inventors Digest.

Team Name Location Invention
Robotic Raiders Williamburg, IA, USA Cyclone Survivor Board Game
The Brain Busters Sherborn, MA, USA Balloon-Based Notification Sign
Robotec Santiago, CHILE Tsunami Evacuation System
Masters of Disasters Kirkland, WA, USA Food Emergency Kit Subscription Service
Tech Fires Columbus, OH, USA ThermoAlert
LEGO My LEGO London, ON, CANADA Compact Water Filtration System
Albots Valley Park, MO, USA Decal Communication Recovery System
Somers Mindstorm Specialists Baldwin Place, NY, USA Power Genie
FaBRICKators Stroudsburg, PA, USA T.A.D. Pole (Taking Accurate Depths)
Idea Club Louisville, KY, USA DRINK (Disaster Relief in Nature Kart)


Congratulations to the three teams and good luck with your presentations in the USA on the 3rd June.

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