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FLL Global Innovations Award


The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) Global Innovation Award is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems. Last week the FLL announced the Global Innovation Award Finalists.

Unfortunately, Ctrl+Alt+Del didn’t make it into the top ten but we would like to acknowledge the teams that did and if you visit the link below you will get to look at their Amazing Innovations.

Congratulations to the NATURE’S FURYSM FLL Global Innovation Award Finalists
Robotic Raiders, Williamsburg, Iowa, USA Invention: Cyclone Survivor Board Game
The Brain Busters, Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA Invention: Balloon-Based Notification Sign
RobotTec, Santiago, CHILE Invention: Tsunami Evacuation System
The winning team will be announced at the FLL Global Innovation Award ceremony on June 3rd at the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  

The ten (10) submissions below were chosen by a panel of experts to receive free submission into Edison Nation’s online platform, where they will undergo Edison Nation’s submission review process. This includes competitive landscape, initial IP review as well as considerations to development, materials, and analysis of cost/value relationship. Additionally, these ten (10) teams will participate in a Q&A session with Edison Nation via email/questionnaire, with the Q&A results published in Inventors Digest.

Team Name Location Invention
Robotic Raiders Williamburg, IA, USA Cyclone Survivor Board Game
The Brain Busters Sherborn, MA, USA Balloon-Based Notification Sign
Robotec Santiago, CHILE Tsunami Evacuation System
Masters of Disasters Kirkland, WA, USA Food Emergency Kit Subscription Service
Tech Fires Columbus, OH, USA ThermoAlert
LEGO My LEGO London, ON, CANADA Compact Water Filtration System
Albots Valley Park, MO, USA Decal Communication Recovery System
Somers Mindstorm Specialists Baldwin Place, NY, USA Power Genie
FaBRICKators Stroudsburg, PA, USA T.A.D. Pole (Taking Accurate Depths)
Idea Club Louisville, KY, USA DRINK (Disaster Relief in Nature Kart)


Congratulations to the three teams and good luck with your presentations in the USA on the 3rd June.

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