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Day 3



The Dancing Robots from the Opening Ceremony


With an early start and a big day ahead of us we met at the Baluarte centre for our day of competition. The morning started with a practice session on the tables. We had a couple of hiccups with Jeffrey but we had time to make some slight adjustments.

At 10:00am we had our first Robot Performance run, the atmosphere was very exciting and the whole team was allowed on stage. We cheered on Jeffrey as he completed most of the course and only stumbled at the end. He scored 385 points which put us in a good place after the first round. After that the team went to Technical judging, the Glendal students and Zoe explained how each of their attachments and missions worked to the judges. They included the special features on the robot which included pneumatics. Jeffrey is the only robot in the competition with Lego pneumatic parts. Thomas worked very hard with our coach Dan to add these pneumatics to Jeffery. The children did a great job impressing the judges with the robot attachments and mission programming.

In between sessions and robot training the children met other teams from around the world and swapped stickers, badges and smiles. We made good friends with the Greek team and danced with the teams from Lebanon and Qatar.

In the afternoon we presented our Research Project and Core Values presentation to the judges. The judges seemed pretty impressed with the Hot Spot Spotter and thought our CFA teddy bear was cute. The children talked about the drones and other possible purposes of the Hot Spot Spotter. The children were given a problem solving task to solve in 2 minutes. The task was to pass a tennis ball from one person to the other without using your hands, arms, feet or legs. The children found this task challenging and got a ‘fit of the giggles’ as they we’re put into some awkward situations.The judges asked the team questions about teamwork and the FLL core values and then they showed their humanoid robot to the judges.

Our last task for the day was to take Jeffery onto the competition table for his 2nd performance at 5:25pm. The children were quietly confident as he performed extremely well during our practice session. Unfortunately, when we went out to compete in the main auditorium a piece of Lego, after Sean and David’s mission, got stuck under the chassis and veered him off course, causing Zoe’s mission to be aborted. Jeffery scored 303 points, unfortunately we slipped down the leader board. The Glendal children regrouped and we packed up the robots for the night, ready to come back the next day for our 3rd and final attempt with Jeffery on the board.


  1. Well done on a superb effort to all the team. We are really proud of Ctrl+Alt+Del and the fantastic way you represented your schools, your families and Australia. You should be really proud of yourselves. What an amazing experience you have had. We can’t wait to hear about your memories when you return.

  2. Well done Team.. What a wonderful experience for you all. Have a safe trip back home!

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