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November 1, 2013
by Kyle
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Training Day 2

On the Sunday 27th of October, the Glendal kids and I were working on the competition robots and the programs as the competition was nearing.

We split up into groups to start programming the robots to complete some missions.

Thomas and Sean were in charge of Mission 1 : retrieving the pets and knocking a tree branch off the tree.

David had the reponsibility of Mission 2 : releasing the plane and tsunami

Zoe and David were in charge of Mission 3 : moving the supply truck and the ambulance to the evacuation point, and knocking one of the isolation bases and the moving the code construction to a different spot.

David was in charge of Mission 4 : moving the house upwards and retrieving Jeffery and heading back to base.

Niv was doing Mission 5, the last and final mission : going over 4 ridges. (Believe this is definitely easier said than done!)

We have accomplished all the missions, but now we have to work on the reasearch side of things (here we go again, the boring part for some children).

The competition is on the 10th of November and is coming up. Everyone in our team is anxious for the competition is extremely close!


October 21, 2013
by Kyle
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Expert Interviews

The Robotics Project is well underway and there is only a couple of more weeks before the students from Glendal and Berwick Lodge Primary Schools compete in Melbourne (Sunday 10th November).

Over the last few weeks the children have had the amazing opportunity to interview and conduct research from some very high profile experts in Wildfire Management including Craig Lapsley (Chief Fire Commissioner of Victoria) and Daryl Crowden (World Vision).  They have also called on the experience of Peter Naismith (CFA volunteer) and George Grossek (Department of Sustainability and Environment) to assist them in identifying a problem our firefighters face when fighting bush fires and coming up with a solution to solve this problem.  The children spent some time last Sunday at Glendal Primary School working on the robot missions, selecting a design for their team shirts, gathering research and looking at ways we can present our project and findings to the FLL judges.


September 5, 2013
by Kyle

FLL (First Lego League) Competition

The BLPS Lego Robotics Team has taken the step to enter The Robotics First Lego League Competition. On Sunday November 10th 2013, we will go to the venue to compete against some other tough competitors and teams from around Victoria.

We’re teaming up will Glendal Primary whom have a great interest in Robotics. They went to Atlanta to compete and took third place in this competition in 2009. They also came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Robocup 2013 and are going to compete in the nationals in Brisbane over the school holidays.

We still have a long way until the competition but I think that we should get building soon! 🙂

One of the elements for the First Lego League competition.

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