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December 7, 2013
by MIss Rap

Robot Missions

Round 1 score – 438
The kids are on fire and so is Jeffery our Robot.
Round 2 score – 228
Round 3 score – 519

Round 3 was the highest score of the National Competion and the most important thing was that we achieved our objective – we got Jeffery home!

FLL Australian Robotics Champions – Ctrl+Alt+Del! Congratulations Team!

20131207-131108.jpg    20131207-171011.jpg

December 7, 2013
by MIss Rap

Research Project

All we can say is WOW!

The Hot Spot Spotter

Did the team blow the judges away? If you thought the presentation at school was good, this was great! We are so proud of them.  When it came to question time, the judges had very little to ask.  The team were so comprehensive in their presentation and the judges were so impressed with our prototype the ‘Hot Spot Spotter.’

December 7, 2013
by MIss Rap

Team Challenge

Students talked about the Lego Core Values and worked on a task that in the event of fire what object would they take first.
They had a number of items to choose from – teddy bear, passport, Ming vase, painting, pet snail, trophy or an iPad. Our team chose the passport. The reason they chose this was because it was an important document that could could prove our identity and assist in relocating us to a new home.

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