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Robot Design Brief

This week you have all been given NXT robots to work with this week.

Your task is to design a robot that can be sent into fire affected areas after the fire has passed through the area.  The robots job will be to scan the forest and detect trees that are still burning internally and report this information back to headquarters so that the tree can be extinguished safely by the fire fighters.

Tomorrow you will get a template where you need to sketch some designs and notes before you start constructing your robot.

You will have to consider the following:

  • The robot will be travelling over extremely rough terrain so you may need to think about the type of wheels you use. Dual wheels to cater for different terrains eg. Sand (wide flat tyres), hard core rubber to resist punctures and heat.
  • Can right itself up.
  • Camera attachment to send footage back to base to reflect the state of the terrain.
  • It needs to be efficient and safe.
  • Cost effective.
  • Actual size 25cm high.
  • The robot needs to be strong and be able to withstand high temperatures.  Even though the extremes of the fire have passed the temperature will still be quite hot.
  • It will have to have some infrared and communications technology to scan the trees and send the information back to base.
  • It needs to be automated to protect the fire fighters from entering the affected area.
  • You may like to add a movable thermal imager to seek heat within the trees (pan tilt system or anything else you think will be helpful, but you need to explain the reasons behind this.

Good Luck

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