Our Collaborative Blog for the First Lego League

September 6, 2013
by MIss Rap

Nature’s Fury Challenge 2013

This year 5 students from Berwick Lodge and Glendal Primary Schools have been selected to work together to compete in the First Leagues Nature’s Fury Challenge.  The students met for the first time at Glendal Primary School on Thursday 29th August and set up Edmodo accounts so that they could collaborate on the project together.  Since then they have answered polls and are working on developing two team names.  We meet again next Thursday where the children will see the competition mat and Lego elements for the competition.

In this years Nature’s Fury Project, our teams will:
•  Identify a community that could experience a natural disaster
•  Identify a problem that happens when a natural disaster occurs
•  Create an innovative solution that helps people prepare, stay safe, or rebuild
•  Share their problem and solution with others.


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